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Destroyed Arrows, Halfheartedness & Fundraising

Jewish storytellers tell about one of their kings who comes to visit one of their prophets. The prophet instructs the king to take some arrows and strike them on the ground.

The king takes the arrows and weakly strikes them on the ground three times. The king’s halfhearted response infuriates the prophet. In anger, he responds, “You should have struck the ground five or six times! Then you would have defeated Aram and completely destroyed it. But now you will defeat it only three times.”

The point of the story is that halfhearted commitment results in limited success. A lack of zeal and commitment to the task at hand will result in missed opportunity.

In chapter 17 of my book Visionary Fundraising, I reveal the number one reason visionary fundraisers don't get the money they need - their halfhearted commitment to growing their visionary capacity.

Think about all the things that take your time:

  • What if you had the money to hire a competent person to do them?

  • How would your life be different if you fully understood and walked in your visionary capacity?

  • What if your budget was fully funded?

  • What if you had the budget to hire competent and passionate people to do all the things you hate to do (and honestly, you don’t do them well)?

  • What if you were freed up to do the one or two things that your organization would benefit the most from?

  • What if you could give your whole heart to doing those things that excite you and fill you with energy?

Only a fully funded budget can allow for this to happen. Getting better at serving your beneficiaries will not get you there. Sorry.

The one thing that will impact your beneficiaries the most is your visionary fundraising capacity.

Without the money you need, your mission will asphyxiate, atrophy, and die. A robust flow of money allows your nonprofit to blossom and realize its potential in amazing ways. The more you study, learn, and walk in your visionary fundraising capacity, the more likely your vision can happen.

It is with this visionary capacity that we inspire people.

It is with this visionary capacity that we attract money rather than having to chase it.

When you don’t understand the superpower of being visionary, you will believe that money is the answer. You will chase it, you will be exhausted, and your visionary song will be unsung.

Visionaries attract resources like a moth to a flame. Visionaries don’t believe money is the answer to their problems, they know that vision is!

How do you harness the power of being visionary? This primary ability is necessary to get all the money you need. When you embrace this, you will leapfrog over years of struggle. You will unleash the most generous generation in the history of the world. You will have a fat bank account you will use to change the world. This visionary ability will accomplish all the essential and critical steps you need to take to get all the money your mission requires.

To help you grow in your visionary capacity, I have written a book – Visionary Fundraising. In it, you will learn:

  • The five attributes that make up the visionary superpower

  • The number one tool that visionaries use to spearhead a movement

  • A simple formula for creating and telling stories that break the curse of being ignored

  • The ancient rule that visionaries like Barack Obama and Winston Churchill used to break through the noise of culture and be heard

  • The ancient admonition that all visionaries throughout history have adhered to that made them attractive

  • The three kinds of stories visionary fundraisers tell

You can buy Visionary Fundraising on Amazon for $19.99. But you can buy the digital version from me (along with three bonuses) for $4.99. I think it is a steal.

To your visionary success!


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