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"You" & All Its Variations: Flytraps to Your Readers

I recently stepped off the plane in Kampala, Uganda and was struck by the big "Because of You" posters. They were from the Ugandan government thanking people for being taxpayers! Visionary fundraisers also harness the power of "you" in their fundraising collateral.

It’s Not About You, It’s About the Donor

Bloomerang says it SO well:

“You” and its variations (you’d, you’ll, you’re, your, yours, yourself, and you’ve) are like flytraps for your readers, calling out to them and making them pay attention to what you’re saying.

Using “you” words also keeps your writing oriented toward giving the donor the credit for the good things they’ve helped make possible, which makes them feel good.

And donors who feel good about giving to you will keep giving to you. READ MORE

"You" speaks directly to donors and pulls your readers into the action and establishes an instant connection.

By speaking directly to the donor and utilizing the most powerful word in the English language – YOU – you can personalize your ask.

Personalizing your copy with "You" not only helps you to strengthen relationships with your donors but also:

  • Grabs their attention

  • Tips them towards seeing your request in a positive light

  • Shows your donors how they can personally make a positive contribution

Notice below how An Open Door Adoption Agency uses "you" in all its forms:

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