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"Visionary Fundraising" shows you how to escape the fear of fundraising and start using your visionary super-powers of storytelling and saying thank you, all the way to the bank. 


You’ll learn:

  • Why being visionary is the one super-power all over-the-top fundraisers master

  • How this visionary capacity is the 20% of what you do that will bring you 80% of your impact

  • The number one tool visionaries use to attract resources

  • The little-known rule used for centuries to overcome being ignored

  • The two kinds of stories visionary fundraisers use and when to use them

  • The six steps I have used to help visionaries raise millions 

Use Visionary Fundraising to change the way you approach fundraising from the first chapters. Read it again and again and keep it as a resource to stop chasing money and begin attracting it.

Visionary Fundraising - Book Launch Bundle

$19.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
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