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This 6-Step Strategy Helps Fundraisers Regularly Attract More Money Without Anxiety, Apprehension or Ambivalence

Visionary Fundraising Book - Unlock Your Fundraising Superpowers and Attract Money by David Oaks

Pick up a copy of Visionary Fundraising for just $4.99 on this page and discover the simple system I use to regularly help nonprofit leaders double, triple, and even ten-X their income!



I'm David. I've been in the fundraising space since I was a teen.


My Minor-Touches-Major-Impact fundraising method has resulted in millions of dollars being raised.

Want to know exactly why it works? ​

Well, simply: It's based on not doing the things that most fundraisers do.

  • A never-ending calendar of fundraising events

  • Trying to inspire donors by talking about what you do

  • Incessantly posting to social media 

Instead, the secret to success in fundraising is about becoming something I call a "Visionary" fundraiser.


Someone who uses the power of storytelling and excellently timed thank you's.


Someone who understands what it means to be compelling.

And when you understand the secrets of being a compelling visionary...

You no longer have to chase money, you attract it!


Forget putting on some sales persona to get donations.


No more begging and pleading for money.

And forget living on the futile cycle of fundraising events, sales, and gimmicks just getting enough money to barely survive. 

But creating a compelling vision isn’t as simple as just telling a story and sticking it on a GoFundMe page…

That’s why I’d like to share with you my 6-step strategy designed to help release the gracious and storytelling visionary in you and stop chasing money and start attracting it!

Here is some feedback and results from my students:

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Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 4.37.22 PM.png
Untitled design.png

"Visionary Fundraising" shows you how to escape the fear of fundraising and start using your visionary super-powers of storytelling and saying thank you, all the way to the bank.


You’ll learn:

  • Why being visionary is the one super-power all over-the-top fundraisers master

  • How this visionary capacity is the 20% of what you do that will bring you 80% of your impact

  • The number one tool visionaries use to attract resources

  • The little known rule used for centuries to overcome being ignored

  • The two kinds of stories visionary fundraisers use and when to use them

  • The six steps I have used to help visionaries raise millions 

Use Visionary Fundraising to change the way you approach fundraising from the first chapters. Read it again and again and keep it as a resource to stop chasing money and begin attracting it.

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No More Anxiety, Fear, & Insecurity Around Fundraising.

What Is The Secret?
Just A Simple Framework.

When visionaries don't get the money they need, the world suffers.


My honest assessment is that most visionaries don’t get the money they need. It breaks my heart. I am sure you have noticed this, right?

The goal of my book is to help you become visionary and get the money you need to change the world.


Are you ready to get started? Can you see yourself having fun being visionary, saying thank you, and telling stories all the way to the bank?

To do that I wrote a book around my framework to help you understand three things:

1. Attracting money is much easier than chasing it. When you understand what is attractive and what is unattractive to donors, you become visionary.

2. The power of an excellently said thank you and storytelling.  Saying thank you excellently and telling the right stories at the right time will inspire donors to cheerfully blow up your bank account!


3. The best method to exponentially multiply your fundraising income is the one you will find in this book (which my students use to multiply their income monthly).  I call it The Minor Touches Major Impact Fundraising Method.

Taking an annual vacation shouldn't be a luxury.

A date with your spouse every Friday night, health care, insurance & retirement ought to be a given.

Your staff deserves a living wage.

You deserve more than minimum wage.

How is it that some leaders see an injustice or problem in the world, dream of it being fixed, and share that dream in such a way that people enthusiastically empty their treasure chests to make it happen?


How do fundraisers take donors from an initial gift of less than $100 to six, seven, and eight-figure gifts?


And how do those same fundraisers get a chunk of those same donors’ estates when they pass?


The answer has to do with their power to be visionary.

The one superpower all over-the-top fundraisers master is the art of being visionary.

In my book you will learn all the steps in my fundraising method, but first let me tell you, the visionary ability is the one superpower to focus on that will unlock and connect everything taught in this book.


All fundraisers who get fully funded and become world-changers grapple with and master what it means to be visionary. Some do it more naturally than others but it is a skill that you can and must understand and harness. 


By far, being visionary is the one thing, more than anything else, that will propel you into your destiny. 

Release Your Visionary Fundraising Capacity Using My Minor-Touches-Major-Impact Method

Stop chasing and start attracting money with my book Visionary Fundraising.

Attracting money is SO  much easier than chasing it.

You can buy it if you want.

It's only $4.99

If you like it, maybe you'll become a student and I can help you release your visionary superpowers like I have done for so many others.

Or not.

Either way, it's a good book that gives you everything you need to immediately begin to attract the money you need to fulfill your mission.

Here's Some Of What You'll Discover Inside This Brand New Book:

  • The five attributes that make up the visionary superpower

  • The number one tool that visionaries use to spearhead a movement


  • A simple formula for creating and telling stories that break the curse of being ignored

  • The ancient rule that visionaries like Barak Obama and Winston Churchill used to break through the noise of culture and be heard

  • The ancient admonition that all visionaries throughout history have adhered to that made them attractive

  • The three kinds of stories visionary fundraisers tell

  • The number one mistake nonprofits make with social media that costs them dearly

  • The four pieces of collateral that will ignite your visionary fundraising capacity

  • The part of all your printed and online collateral that has been proven to have astonishing effects on human psychology

  • The one kind of gift that if ignored will keep your mission small

  • Why 60% of potential donors leave your giving page without giving a gift

  • What you must establish before your donors begin interacting with you

  • The protocol that will help you get that elusive second gift

  • The strategic planning tool that will keep your board members engaged

  • THE one rule you never break if an interaction is important

  • How talking about what you do can hurt your fundraising

  • Why and how you will answer one compelling question in your donors' minds

  • The one statement you must have to keep you from coming across as a foolish dreamer

  • How all successful visionaries have a three part tool that they use to connect before they convince

  • Before donors buy into your vision, they need to buy into something else

  • In today's world, one thing above everything else establishes your legitimacy

  • What is the first gift you must get from donors (and it's not money)

  • The most expensive real estate on your website and why you must maximize it

  • The one piece of collateral you should create first and why

  • What accomplished musicians, poets, doctors, architects, rappers, African American preachers, and visionaries understand and harness to stop being ignored

  • The kind of story you don't tell in your appeals

  • The once-a-year interaction that can double your budget overnight

  • The one reason why donors don't leave you a gift in their will

  • How to turn your annual tax receipt into an inspiring document

  • The one piece of collateral that will attract more quality board members

Get The Book Right Now And Receive These 3 Bonuses FREE!

Bonus #1

Getting That Elusive Second Gift by Writing Better Thank You's

Studies tell us that out of 100 first-time donors your nonprofit will get this year, only 19 will remain to ever give a second gift.


Confident fundraisers who get that elusive second gift are on the downhill slide! Statistically, the second gift is the beginning of a long and generous relationship with your donor. But getting it can be elusive!

Saying thank you excellently is a large part of that winning strategy. A donor who receives an excellently written thank you within 48 hours of her/his gift is 4 times more likely to give a second gift.

Through the years I have collected great thank-you notes. When a thank-you made an impression on me or impacted me, I saved it. Today, I study thank-you's and try to understand why some move me and others don't.


To help you, I have put together this training to help you write more excellent thank-you's that result in better relationships with your donors, which in turn, results in more money for your cause.


Saying thank-you is not a skill any of us are born with. Like any other skill, it has to be learned. 

Use this simple asset to train others to help you get those elusive second gifts.

VF Audio Book-2.png

Bonus #2

Lifetime Access To My Private Mentoring Monday's Email

$99 Value

In a weekly email, I mentor and guide my visionary students, providing them with messages that inspire and motivate them in their journey as fundraisers. 

Visionaries from all over the world tell me that my weekly email is a priceless booster for their efforts each week. 

In these personal messages from me, they receive ongoing support and guidance to help them develop the skills and mindset needed to succeed in their mission.


As a teacher and guide, I offer ongoing support, helping them to develop the skills and mindset they need.

They tell me that my timely messages and insights help them stay focused, motivated, and raise more money!

Bonus #3

Prefer listening to your books?

Order now and I'll include the 6.5+ hour audiobook version of Visionary Fundraising for free.

Audio files delivered direct so you can listen on any device. Instructions included to make enjoying the book easy. 

It was important that I bring my unique voice and perspective to the reading, so I narrate it myself! It is anything but boring! This is something I am fiery passionate about and you will feel it!

VF Audio Book.png
Gold Modern Premium Warranty Logo-2.png

Here's My Guarantee:

Try the book and bonuses for 1 full year.

If, for some reason, you don't find them useful I'll refund you the full $4.99.

Just shoot me an email ( and I'll refund you pronto!

Get Your Copy of
Visionary Fundraising Now

Visionary Fundraising Book - Unlock Your Fundraising Superpowers and Attract Money by David Oaks

See you on the inside,


P.S. Recap of this ultra-long page for those who hate reading:

​1.  All my life has been spent in the nonprofit fundraising space. As an actual fundraiser, I learned that attracting money was SO much easier than chasing it.

​2.  The better a fundraiser is at being visionary in their thank you's and storytelling, the more money they will raise. 

3.  Having the right strategies and preparation fills a fundraiser with confidence. And when fundraisers are confident, they get joyful. And, joy-filled fundraisers raise way more money!

4.  The strategies that have worked remarkably for me, I share them with you in my new book, Visionary Fundraising.

5.  For just $4.99 you can get the book I wrote teaching you my strategies.

6.  Also, if you get the book today I'll toss in 3 extra bonuses. Getting That Elusive Second Gift by Writing Better Thank You's, lifetime access to my weekly private email list, and an audiobook version if you prefer listening over reading.

7.  You can try the book and bonuses for 1 full year. If you don't like them for whatever crazy reason, I'll refund you the $4.99.

About The Author

Always wanting to help the underdog, David Oaks became a pastor. A financially strapped pastor. It was then that he learned that the poorest way to help the poor is to be poor!

Early on, he realized that not much good happens in the world without the money to make it happen. 

This started him out on a life-long journey to learn how visionaries get the money they need to change the world.  Leading a church that grew explosively, he needed and learned to raise millions. 

Now, at 63 years old, having parented his own two children and many more, he spends his life helping nonprofit fundraisers change the world.

David leads his own organization, Bethlehem International School Foundation and serves on multiple other nonprofit boards.  He lives in Thomasville, Georgia with Anne, his wife of 38 years.


Get Your Copy of
Visionary Fundraising Now

Visionary Fundraising Book - Unlock Your Fundraising Superpowers and Attract Money by David Oaks
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