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Fundraising Alone Leaves You Frustrated

There is no shortage of money to fund your mission. A little know how goes a long way. The Visionary Fundraising Accelerator helps you learn the skills that revolve around being visionary, saying thank you and storytelling, your budget will double, triple and more.

The Fundraising Accelerator online group.
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Visionary Fundraising

Why Get a Fundraising Coach?

If you’re looking to raise more money this year, you might want to consider hiring a fundraising coach. 

Most fundraisers are on their own.

They live in a fog when it comes to fundraising. They have to figure out how to engage with donors with limited time and few resources.

Who pays? The beneficiaries to your mission don't get what they need; You and your staff live under paid and exhausted.

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Nonprofit leaders don't have time to study fundraising.

A coach can help save you time and make the most of your resources—as well as help you raise more funds.  What worked yesterday doesn't work today. Since Covid EVERYTHING has changed:

  • Social media

  • Websites

  • Getting new donors

  • Keeping old donors

  • Appeals

  • Newsletters

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When you don't know how to fundraise you hate it.

When you are forced to do something that you don't know how to do, you start hating it. When you hate fundraising you live with:

  • Fear of failure

  • Uncertainty

  • Perceived incompetence

  • Energy drain

  • Looking incompetent

  • No comfort zone

  • Imposter syndrome

David has given me the tools to boost donor giving by 100% over the previous year!  I truly believe that this is only a start. In addition, David genuinely cares about me and the ministry we provide to the leg disabled of Kenya. I made a very smart choice in engaging David Oaks as my coach.

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Sam Singer

Mobility WorldWide, East Ala West Ga

Visionary Fundraising Accelerator group in an online meeting.

Fundraising Accelerator

Join a community of likeminded fundraisers

Go from startup to fully funded. Build your organization from compelling vision, website messaging, establishing your donor's journey, teams to asking boldly!  Gain friends who are on the same journey with you. 

We raised more money in our first one month campaign than we raised in the entire year prior to working with David. We are extremely grateful for the results and having the opportunity to improve our knowledge on the best practices in fundraising

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DeShay Williams

Spark Thomasville

Visionary Fundraising book

The Six-Step Minor Touches Major Impact Process


Become the Attractive Expert: Become a Voice Amplifier

Fundraisers serve as advocates for marginalized voices. Through storytelling, we elevate their voices to the world that hears us. This helps potential donors understand, learn, and see the world through their eyes.


Establish Your Compelling Vision: Visionaries Get More Money Than Missionaries

Most fundraisers and missionaries talk about what they do and what they do is not compelling. What you do in your mission is likely boring. However, what you hope to achieve is compelling.


Establish Your Platform: Without Legitimacy, All You Get Are Tips

Your platform is the thing you stand up on to be heard. In today’s digital world, this is a website. Without your own website potential donors will not consider you legitimate. A simple website that outlines your compelling vision and how you intend to achieve it gives you legitimacy.


Establish Your Donor's Journey: The Journey Matters More Than the Destination

Before a person gives, fundraisers should map out a step-by-step plan for inspiring donors into involvement. 


Establish Your Relationships: We Is More Important Than Me

Your success as a visionary fundraiser is determined by the people gathered around you. Never fundraise alone. Establish the teams that make fundraising easy.


Ask Boldly: You Have Not Because You Ask Not

The number one reason that people don't give to your mission is they haven't been asked the right way. The right preparation drives confidence. 

Less than a month later, we had more than 5 times the amount we invested in his services in our bank account!  You would do well to get David on your team!

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Casey Cole Corbin

Redeemed Living

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Visionary Fundraising book, CD, and audio

Get My Book

The smartest man in the world compared chasing money to chasing birds:

Don't exhaust yourself acquiring wealth; be smart enough to stop.

When you fix your gaze on it, it's gone, for it sprouts wings for itself and flies to the sky like an eagle.

Proverbs of Solomon, 23:4-5

You don't chase birds; you attract them.

You don't chase money; you attract it.

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Visionary Fundraising: Stop Chasing & Start Attracting the Money You Need

Because of his guidance, we became confident and were able to increase the amount of money we raised by 40%. There is just something about the way he interacts with us that makes us feel like family rather than a client.

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Yvonne Weinstein

Empowering Ugandans

David is an amazing coach. With his help last year, our donations went up 200%.   100% FACT. This year he has inspired us to care for our donors and raise our monthly giving. He is a gem and worth your time to follow!​

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Jr. & Jayme Sinsmyer

Reach Out Lafond, Haiti

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Thanks for your influence, David, a donor just put up a $400,000 matching gift for our $800K campaign. 

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Daniel Gregoire

Mission to the World

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