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Visionary fundraising coach David Oaks leads a seminar.
Visionary Fundraising

Stop Chasing Money & Start Attracting It!

David Oaks

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Visionary fundraising coach David Oaks leads an online mentoring session.

Twice Monthly Group Calls

Two times each month join David and Visionary Fundraising members in a group call for leadership and encouragement.

Join The Visionary Fundraising Community

Visionary fundraising coach David Oaks does a 1-1 mentoring session.
Visionary fundraising Slack channel learning group.

Personal Encouragement

Get personal calls with David. Never again live without confidently knowing what next steps to take. 

Community Support

All Visionary Fundraisers gain access to each other through chat boards, Slack channels, and learning groups.

Chasing Birds Will Leave You Exhausted...

So Will Chasing Money.

The proverbs of Solomon talk a lot about money. They compare money to birds:

“Don’t exhaust yourself acquiring wealth; be smart enough to stop.  When you fix your gaze on it, it’s gone, for it sprouts wings for itself and flies to the sky like an eagle.”              Proverbs of Solomon, 23:4-5

The proverbs compare chasing money to the futility of chasing birds.  Like birds, money seems to have wings. The more you chase it, the more it flies away.

You don’t chase birds; you attract them.

You don't chase money; you attract it.

Visionary Fundraising: The Minor Touches Major Impact Method focuses on attracting rather than chasing money.

Without the money they need, visionaries live frustrated lives.

I help fundraisers stop chasing money and start attracting it.

When this happens, they get happy.

Joyful fundraisers get way more money!

Book A Time With David

Are you feeling stuck or uncertain about your next steps for your organization? Are you looking for someone to guide you on your journey? Look no further! I'm here to help. With my expertise and experience, I can provide the support and guidance you need to achieve your goals. Let's work together to turn your dreams into reality. Book a call with me today and let's get started!

Use My Six Step Framework To:

Attract Money

Fundraisers must chase money, but visionaries attract it.

Say Thank You

Say thank you at all the times and ways that increase your income.

Tell Stories

Master the #1 tool visionaries use to attract resources.

David Oaks, Visionary Fundraising Coach

Walk with me through my six-step Minor-Touches-Major- Impact Framework.

Become the Attractive Expert

 Attractive experts are storytelling visionaries that engage normal, everyday people to become world changers and history makers.

Establish Your Compelling Vision

Based around four pieces of content, your compelling vision will open doors for you and propel you into your visionary journey.

Establish Your Platform

The place where your vision, mission, values, and stories live. It will be a place to showcase your team, raving fans and affiliations.

Establish Your Donor's Journey

Map out the path your donors will take from entry level to major donor.

Your Relationships

Be strategic about growing and maintaining the know, like and trust factor in all your relationships so that they are your biggest advertisers.

Ask Boldly

When you know what your donors can easily and naturally say yes to, in advance, it is easy. 

Join David's private and exclusive email list.

Once weekly, David sends out gold nuggets of wisdom and direction. Nonprofit leaders say that it is the highlight of their week. 

These emails get sent, forwarded and filed all over the world.

For $97 you can join forever (as long as the service exists). Never again live without the encouragement and guidance you need to live successfully as a visionary.

Copy of Visionary Fundraising Coach David Oaks' Mentoring Monday email.
What My Friends Say About Me...

Mike Kim

Best Selling





David Oaks is a brilliant

coach and motivator who

LOVES making heroes

out of the organizations he works with. He is driven by the passion that it’s not about money, it’s about people!

One of the most valuable results I’ve seen David help organizations attain: helping them realize that minor touches lead to major impact. He helps organizations find amazing ways to say ‘thank-you.’

Mike Kim

Sam Singer



East Ala.

West Ga.

David Oaks has changed my ministry's approach to fundraising. I could walk you through all the secrets that David has provided me, but I'll give you the bottom line. In 2022,


David has given me the tools to boost donor giving by 100% over the previous year!


I truly believe that this is only a start. In addition, David genuinely cares about me and the ministry we provide to the leg disabled of Kenya. I made a very smart choice in engaging David Oaks as my coach.

Sam Singer

Bruce & Elaine Barton



David Oaks is a professional at helping businesses and ministries with fund raising.

David has changed the way we send letters and how to be better stewards in helping others. Such a valuable and informative teacher, David Oaks is a blessing to us and many others.

Bruce & Elaine Barton

Mary Valloni

Best Selling




David has proven over

and over again his ability to lead nonprofits and missionaries in seeing their missions fully funded.


If you’re looking to raise more funds and end the cycle of frustration, David Oaks is your guy! 

Mary Valloni

Casey Cole Corbin





When our director brought in David Oaks for fundraising, I had doubts that we needed a consultant. But from the first minute, David cut through the chaos and provided clear direction for what efforts we needed to stop doing and what we needed to start doing.


David connected us to automation tools that did most of the work, had he wrote most of our outgoing letters/email solicitations.


Less than a month later, we had more than five times the amount we invested in his services in our bank account!


You would do well to get David on your team!

Casey Cole Corbin




David Oaks taught me how to maximize the two most important words in fundraising as well as how to make my donors the heroes of my e-mails and newsletters rather than myself. These two things alone have revolutionized my communications. If you’re a fundraiser, you need David Oaks speaking into your life!

Jeff Slaughter

Founder &




We were struggling to move forward both organizationally and financially. David’s weekly coaching, communication, and work arrived right on time!

David’s assistance helped us to knock our end of year campaign out of the park!


David is gifted at seeing where you are and how to get you to where you are supposed to be!

Chris Musgrove

Jr. & Jayme Sinsmyer




David is an amazing coach.

With his help last year, our donations went up 200%.

100% FACT.

This year he has inspired us to care for our donors and raise our monthly giving.

He is a gem and worth your time to follow!

Jayme Sinsmyer



Life &


I have the pleasure of working with some of the same organizations as David, and I have a front row seat to see how he helps them realize–and surpass–fundraising goals.


David is more than a consultant and coach. His enthusiasm and love for his clients is inspiring and contagious. He'll make you believe in yourself again.


I highly recommend David to any ministry or nonprofit struggling to raise funds.

Kay Helm

Let Me Introduce Myself

Have we already met at a personal growth conference or

an overseas flight to the Middle East or Africa?

If not: HEY! I am David Oaks - personal growth junkie, ex-pastor, fundraiser, mentor, musician, and your new life's-tough-and-it-hurts buddy!

As a kid, if you didn't speak to me, I didn't speak to you. I wasn't 'stuck-up', I just lived life afraid. Of everything, and everyone!


I still live life afraid… I just do big things while I am afraid!

David Oaks avitar

I always wanted to help the underdog. So I became a pastor. A financially poor pastor. I learned that one of the worst strategies for helping the poor is to be poor. Selah, pause and think about that!

Yep. Early on, I learned that not much good happens in this world without the money to make it happen. I remember wondering why some leaders seemed to have all the money their organizations needed. I remember wondering why some leaders, like me, seemed to never have the money they needed. Actually, what I really remember is the depression that hounded me because I never had the strategies, confidence, or resources I needed.  

I made it my determined purpose to understand why that was. Along the way, I learned a lot! I learned that you can make a big impact if you pay attention to a lot of small details. I also learned that most leaders are angels but when it comes to organizational development, marketing and fundraising, they are challenged.

I learned the strategies to do business and get the money I needed. I learned a lot about personal development, organizational development, marketing, and promotion. 

At thirty years old, I even enrolled in college! That first degree was hard, working multiple jobs, feeding my family, and helping needy people all at once. I quit a few times, but I always started back. You should know that my “four-year degree” took me way longer than four years!!


It turned out that so much of the stuff I needed was exactly what my struggling friends needed.


Helping others has always been my passion. I have never helped someone else that it didn't help me too. Living the role of change advocate and armed with the strategies so many leaders needed, I started my business.

Now I have dedicated my whole life to helping non and for-profit leaders get the strategies, confidence, and money they need to excel.

My education that informs my journey:

BA - Psychology, Albany State University

MA - Global Leadership, Fuller Graduate School

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