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Tell Stories & Say Thank You All The Way To The Bank!

I Help Entrepreneurs & Nonprofits Increase Their Income

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Entrepreneurs & fundraisers struggle to increase their income.

This leaves them feeling frustrated and insecure

I help them tell stories & say thank you all the way to the bank!


Get started taking next steps for making money with your expertise. Take yourself and your business to the next level.


Get the strategies and confidence you need to be fully funded. Maximize your storytelling and 'thank-you!'

Use My Five Step Framework To:

Get Started

Join the great resignation and make money with what you know. Get clear on the problem you solve and establish yourself as a thought leader and problem solver. 

Get Better
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Become a story-telling visionary for your organization and multiply its income and impact. Create a 'buyer's journey' and make money!

Get Bigger

A clear understanding of what is important allows you to leave the tyranny of the urgent and your business becomes bigger with less effort.

Walk with me through my five step 'Minor Touches To Major Impact Framework.'

Compelling Vision

Nothing matters more than a compelling vision that highlights the problem you tackle as solved. Having a compelling vision makes your organization "visionary."


Your digital platform establishes your legitimacy to the world. Without legitimacy, you will never maximize your income or see your mission fully funded.

Attractive Expert

The best way to get the money your organization deserves is to "attract" it. Become the attractive expert who solves problems, injustices, rights wrongs, and leaves the world in a better place.

Buyers/Donors Journey

Have an intentional plan to draw potential customers/donors into a relational journey with you, and upgrade their purchases or gifts over time


Relationships are rocketships! Be strategic about growing and maintaining the know, like and trust factor in all your relationships so that they are your biggest advertisers.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Have we already met at a personal growth conference or

an overseas flight to the Middle East?

If not: HEY! I am David Oaks - personal growth junkie, ex-pastor, fundraiser, mentor, musician, and your new life's-tough-and-it-hurts buddy!

As a kid, if you didn't speak to me, I didn't speak to you. I wasn't 'stuck-up', I just lived life afraid. Of everything, and everyone! I still live life afraid… I just do big things while I am afraid!

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I learned as a kid that everything that says "free" isn't! Somebody paid for your "free" gift. And, it was probably you!


Growing up poor, I was enamored with money. Nowhere is the love of money greater than among those that don't have it! Money and questions... How do you get it? How do you keep it? How do you give it away?


I always wanted to help the underdog. So I became a pastor. A financially poor pastor. I learned that one of the worst strategies for helping the poor is to be poor. Selah, pause and think about that!


Yep. Early on, I learned that not much good happens in this world without the money to make it happen. I remember wondering why some leaders seemed to have all the money their organizations needed. I remember wondering why some leaders, like me, seemed to never have the money they needed? Actually, what I really remember is the depression that hounded me because I never had the strategies, confidence or resources I needed.  

I made it my determined purpose to understand why that was. Along the way, I learned a lot! I learned that you can make a big impact if you pay attention to a lot of small details. I also learned that most leaders are angels but when it comes to organizational development, marketing and fundraising, they are challenged.

I did learn the strategies to successfully do business, and get the money I needed. I learned a lot of personal development, organizational development, marketing and promotion. 

At thirty years old, I even enrolled in college! That first degree was hard, working multiple jobs, feeding my family and helping needy people all at once. I quit a few times, but I always started back. You should know that my “four-year-degree” took me way longer than four years!!


It turned out that so much of the stuff I needed was exactly what my struggling friends needed.


Helping others had always been my passion. I have never helped someone else that it didn't help me too. Living the role of change advocate and armed with the strategies so many leaders needed, I started my own business.


Now my whole life is dedicated to helping non and for-profit leaders get the strategies, confidence, and money they need to excel.

And, you should know, I enjoy producing content, and most of my content is distributed privately to my email list. Leaders tell me they get a lot out of my ideas. You can subscribe here.  


My top posts. If you're new, here are a few places to start:


My education that informs my journey:

BA - Psychology, Albany State University

MA - Global Leadership, Fuller Graduate School

What My Friends Say About Me...

Mike Kim

Best Selling





David Oaks is a brilliant

coach and motivator who

LOVES making heroes

out of the organizations he works with. He is driven by the passion that it’s not about money, it’s about people!

One of the most valuable results I’ve seen David help organizations attain: helping them realize that minor touches lead to major impact. He helps organizations find amazing ways to say ‘thank-you.’


John Touchton





David Oaks took us from zero to one-hundred in just a few weeks! Spending time with us he immediately helped us identify our ideal client and how to engage them. Very quickly we had our platform and matching messaging on all social media. 

We constantly get new clients from all he did for us. 

John headshot.jpg

Mary Valloni

Best Selling

Author, Master 


David has

proven over

and over again his ability to lead nonprofits and missionaries in seeing their missions fully funded.


If you’re looking to raise more funds and end the cycle of frustration, David Oaks is your guy! 


Debra Hampton




ISO Expert & 


I've been working to market myself for over 30 years and have had some success.


Having David, teach me how to market my self and find my voice catapulted me further in one year than I had made it in 30. What a fantastic person to work with and learn.


Founder and




We were

struggling to move forward both organizationally and financially. David’s weekly coaching, communication, and work arrived right on time!

David’s assistance helped us to knock our end of year campaign out of the park!


David is gifted at seeing where you are and how to get you to where you are supposed to be!


Angelia Taylor

Owner, F&A



F & A Insurance Services, provides insurance products to protect clients from financial loss. Mr David has enhanced my business with his knowledge of marketing, capture of audience, and telling my story through pictures.

Mr. David went beyond my wildest expectations and exceeded my imagination for how much business we could do here at F & A Insurance Services. He has increased the sales and clients base. 

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