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Join a Visionary Community of Fundraisers

Screenshot of the Fundraising Accelerator group meeting on a Zoom call

What can you expect when you join the Fundraising Accelerator?

Twice monthly online group meetings

Twice-monthly coaching calls are tailored specifically for visionary nonprofit fundraisers and unlock the keys to success. Through personalized guidance, expert insights, and a supportive community, you'll gain the tools and strategies needed to revolutionize your fundraising efforts. 

Personal meeting with David monthly

Get personal insight and coaching into next steps. Go over your current initiatives and strategies. You set the day and time.

Mentoring Monday's email

Exclusive coaching in David's Mentoring Monday's email. Fundraisers from all over the world raise more money through his content. 

Fundraising Accelerator

In his book Good To Great, Jim Collins talks about the flywheel effect.

The key idea behind the flywheel effect is that sustained success is not achieved through a single major breakthrough or event but rather through consistent, focused efforts over time. Each push of the flywheel contributes to its momentum, and as the momentum builds, the company experiences significant growth and success.


Collins argues that great companies understand the importance of the flywheel effect and are committed to a cycle of disciplined actions, consistently pushing the flywheel forward. By doing so, they create a positive loop of growth and success that sets them apart from their competitors.

The Visionary Fundraiser Accelerator training program is set up to maximize the flywheel effect. Becoming visionary is no small thing. The learning never stops. Consistent, focused effort over time will result in multiplied impact. 

My Personal Guarantee

David Oaks

I personally guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not happy in the first month I will cheerfully refund your investment. 

Headshot of David Oaks

All I ask is that you give it your all! I will do the same for you. I DREAM OF YOU BEING FULLY FUNDED! Your investment should show visible results quickly. 

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Choose your pricing plan

  • Visionary Fundraising Monthly

    Every month
    Monthly group meetings & personal time with David
    Valid for 12 months
    • Two monthly group sessions
    • One monthly personal meeting with David
  • Fundraising Accelerator Annual

    Lean into your visionary superpowers and get more money!
    Valid for 12 months
    • One private session with David monthly
    • Two group sessions monthly
    • Access to the MTMI 6 Step Video library
    • David's exclusive weekly mentoring email
  • Visionary Fundraising Videos

    Access to all Visionary Fundraising Videos
    • Lifetime access. View at your own pace.
  • Monthly Retainer

    Every month
    Work out a plan with David for monthly outcomes.
    • Monthly story writing
    • Social media posting
    • Beneficiary & donor interviews for stories
    • Website updates
    • Message monitoring
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