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Visionary Fundraising Audio Book



Narrated by David Oaks. Anything but boring, David brings his unique voice and perspective to the reading, Listening, you can feel his passion!



I'm David. I've been in the fundraising space since I was a teen. 


My Minor-Touches-Major-Impact fundraising method has resulted in millions of dollars being raised.

Want to know exactly why it works? ​


Well, simply: It's based on not doing the things that most fundraisers do.

  • A never-ending calendar of fundraising events

  • Trying to inspire donors by talking about what you do

  • Incessantly posting to social media 

Instead, the secret to success in fundraising is about becoming something I call a "Visionary" fundraiser.


Someone who uses the power of storytelling and excellently timed thank you's.


Someone who understands what it means to be compelling.

And when you understand the secrets of being a compelling visionary...

You no longer have to chase money, you attract it!


Forget putting on some sales persona to get donations.


No more begging and pleading for money.

And forget living on the futile cycle of fundraising events, sales, and gimmicks just getting enough money to barely survive. 

But creating a compelling vision isn’t as simple as just telling a story and sticking it on a GoFundMe page…

That’s why I’d like to share with you my 6-step strategy designed to help release the gracious and storytelling visionary in you and stop chasing money and start attracting it!

Here is some feedback and results from my students:

"Visionary Fundraising" shows you how to escape the fear of fundraising and start using your visionary super-powers of storytelling and saying thank you, all the way to the bank. 


You’ll learn:

  • Why being visionary is the one super-power all over-the-top fundraisers master

  • How this visionary capacity is the 20% of what you do that will bring you 80% of your impact

  • The number one tool visionaries use to attract resources

  • The little known rule used for centuries to overcome being ignored

  • The two kinds of stories visionary fundraisers use and when to use them

  • The six steps I have used to help visionaries raise millions 

Use Visionary Fundraising to change the way you approach fundraising from the first chapters. Listen to it again and again and keep it as a resource to stop chasing money and begin attracting it.


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